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Think Then Write Workbook: Volume 1 - Writing Compound and Complex Sentences

Think Then Write Workbook: Volume 1 - Writing Compound and Complex Sentences

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Think, Then Write, Volume 1: an Explicit Writing Program featuring Compound and Complex Sentences. 

Many programs teach students how to write different text types, like narratives, recounts and procedures. But all texts – regardless of their length and difficulty level – are composed of sentences.

In our experience, many students (even in high school) lack the ability to link their ideas together and to express sophisticated thoughts and feelings in complex sentences.

This no-prep workbook includes more than 300 pages of scaffolded writing practice to help students of all years/grades generate a variety of compound or complex sentences using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, including: 

  • "because" and "so" - for cause and effect relationships;
  • "but" and "although" - for contrastive relationships;
  • "if", "except", "unless" and "until" - for conditional relationships; and
  • "while", "before" and "after" - for relationships between events connected by time.

For each conjunction, sentence fragment exercises have been included to kick-start complex sentence writing. To support people with additional language and learning needs, the modules feature topics that require a minimal amount of background knowledge, and include examples and scaffolds to help model and support students of all abilities.

The resources also includes a sentence writing bootcamp to improve students' sentence-writing skills with specific verbs, nouns, place and time details, and reasons.

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