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Think Then Write Foundations

Think Then Write Foundations

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Think, Then Write Foundations: an explicit writing program featuring high frequency, developmentally sequenced sentence structures (SV, SVC, SVO, SVA, SVOA, SVOO, SVOC) and key compound sentences.

More than 200 pages of scaffolded writing practice to help children say and/or write the following simple and compound sentences, featuring high frequency, present-tense verbs to help stimulate oral language development while also supporting early writing skills:

  • Subject-Verb (SV);
  • Subject-Verb-Complement (SVC);
  • Subject-Verb-Object (SVO);
  • Subject-Verb-Adverbial (SVA);
  • Subject-Verb-Object-Adverbial (SVOA);
  • Subject-Verb-Object-Object (SVOO);
  • Subject-Verb-Object-Complement (SVOC); and
  • compound sentences (with 'and', 'but' 'or' and 'so').
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