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Banter Stuttering Workbook: Lidcombe Program Starter Kit

Banter Stuttering Workbook: Lidcombe Program Starter Kit

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Lidcombe Program Starter Kit

More than 350 pages of resources to support young children who stutter and their families when undertaking the Lidcombe Program. To make the program less challenging for families (and speech pathologists), we include:

  • detailed activity suggestions for structured, semi-structured and unstructured practice sessions;
  • simple noun- and verb-naming exercises;
  • polysyllabic naming exercises;
  • sentence-repetition exercises;
  • Blank's Level 1 and 2 question exercises;
  • high quality photographs for conversation practice; and
  • several simple activity printables that can be given to families.

These materials are suitable for face-to-face, telehealth, one-to-one, and group delivery of the Lidcombe Program. They should always be used under the supervision of a qualified speech-language pathologist.

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