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Banter Oral Language Workbook: Simple Sentence Structures

Banter Oral Language Workbook: Simple Sentence Structures

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Simple Sentence Structures: an Oral Language Program for Preschoolers and Young School-Aged Children.

More than 200 pages of fully-scripted, sentence builders with visual supports to help children to hear and practice the following key early sentence structures using high frequency vocabulary:

  • Subject-verb (SV);
  • Subject-verb-object (SVO);
  • Subject-verb-complement (SVC);
  • Subject-verb-adverb (SVA);
  • Subject-negative-(not)-verb, subject-negative-(can’t)-verb, subject-negative-(don’t)-verb (SNegV);
  • Subject-negative-(no)-object (SNegO);
  • Subject-verb-object-complement (SVOC);
  • Subject-verb-complement-adverbial phrase (SVCA);
  • Subject-verb-object-adverbial phrase (SVOA);
  • Subject-verb-adverbial phrase-adverbial phrase (SVAA); and
  • Subject-verb-object (indirect)-object (direct) (SVOiOd).
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